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RED Global (virtual) Airlines was formed from the nucleus of RED Australian Airlines that operated for over ten years. RED Global welcomes all simmers, from rookie pilots through to experienced Captains. We offer a safe and non-discriminatory environment, able to help develop your piloting skills or to challenge any perceived linitations.

A Virtual Airline (VA) brings together people with an interst in flight simulation. VAs may replicate real world airlines with defined schedules and routes, some with many members. Others may be focused on local charters or cargo operations. Ultimately VAs form small communities with members supporting each other in progressing a love of flying. Real-time Flight Tracking, virtual$ salaries, aircraft maintenance, weather, navigation and thousands of airports all adds to the realism. 

RED Global has a strong emphassis on fly anywhere, fly anytime and with any aircraft. We also operate limited schedules for those that are interested in more structured flying. We welocme new ideas and members (over age 16 years only). Get ready for Take-off  here.

Pilot Briefing

British Airways jumbo saved from scrap heap by film deal

A British Airways jumbo jet has found a new role as a film set, saving it from the scrap heap where dozens of BA’s other retired jumbos have ended up.

British Airways said that one of its 747s will fly to Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey, southern England, later on Thursday, where the airport will preserve it as a commercial TV and film set.

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From 2015 rumours Concorde was planning to return to the skies to supersonic flights being slated as the next step in luxury travel’s evolution, the word Concorde is still the biggest buzzword when it comes to ultra-fast flights.

Concorde flew its last commercial flight back in 2003, a demise brought upon by financial problems, high maintenance costs and a major Air France crash in 2000 which killed all 113 passengers on board.

Throw in the flying fears after 9/11, and the Concorde’s fate was sealed after a 27-year flight history with only one accident (if a notorious one) recorded during its time in operation.

What many Australians may not know, however, is that Qantas almost had a Concorde jet of its own.

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  September 2020 - PILOT RANKINGS
 LOGAN JOHNSTON - 134,765 nms
Samuel Mehlert - 85,274