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RED Global (virtual) Airlines was formed from the nucleus of RED Australian Airlines that operated for over ten years. RED Global welcomes all simmers, from rookie pilots through to experienced Captains. We offer a safe and non-discriminatory environment, able to help develop your piloting and or airline administration skills. 

A Virtual Airline (VA) brings together people with an interst in flight simulation. VAs may replicate real world airlines with defined schedules and routes, some with many members. Others may be focused on local charters or cargo operations. Ultimately VAs form small communities with members supporting each other in progressing a love of flying. Real-time Flight Tracking, virtual$ salaries, aircraft maintenance, weather, navigation and thousands of airports all adds to the realism. 

RED Global has a strong emphassis on fly anywhere, fly anytime and with any aircraft. We also operate limited schedules for those that are interested in more structured flying. We welocme new ideas and members (over age 16 years only). Get ready for Take-off  here.

Message from the CEO

It has been some months since our site was updated. I apologise for this lapse. Unfortunately real life events must take precedence.

The launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS2020) has really shaken up flight simulation as a hobby. Impressive VFR scenery and enhancd aircraft realismm (this Airbus A32nx is amazing) along with in-built Multiplayer, has lured new people and experienced simmers alike. 

However, MSFS2020 is not for everyone. The sim needs a good deal of computer grunt to run at even a basic level. To max out the display options requires a video card with a price tag of between $1000 - $1500 plus the support architecture. 

RED has been extremely fortunate is recruiting Sam Mehlert into our ranks. Sam has single handedly reinvigerated the RED Multiplayer server which now has hundreds of registered users, flying FSX, Xplane and Prep3D. 

Effectively then RED is alive and well even if the website has not been regularly updated!

It may well be that some of our new members are unaware of the full scope of our VA.  In addition to flying multiple aircraft types to hundreds of destinations throughout the world, we can also carry packages to those destiantionbs in addition to regular pasengers. Or, pilots can team up to shift a range of cargo from a major international airport to regional centres or even to bush landings. Of course, successful completion of these flights attracts a bigger virtual dollar salary meaning in addition to climbing throught he ranks to full Captain status, you can also amass a healthy v$ bank account and buy your own aircraft or other luxuries.

Flight tracking and performance data is produced by first booking and flying your flight through the FSA Tracking Client. Follow How To from the menu bar above and jump onto the Forums with any specific questions.

Where will you fly today?


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  December 2020 - PILOT RANKINGS
 LOGAN JOHNSTON - 267,984 nms
Alistair McRobert - 166