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Where will you fly to today?

How aircraft fly

Flight Tracking is the major difference between flying with a simulator and flying as part of a Virtual Airline (VA). Setting up for Flight Tracking involves the initial download and installation of a tracker: referred to as a Client. RED Global uses FSAirlines (FSA).

After this once only step, you select your departure point and prefeerred aircraft from a list available here. You must fly using one of our Fleet aircraft and can only depart from the airport at which it is currently parked. Set up your choosen flight using your simulator as normal. Make sure the parking brake is applied!

You 'book' your flight and create a Flight Plan through the FSA interface and sort out your payload and fuel using the Client. The Client will confirm you are ready to depart. Return to your simulator and complete your flight in accordance with your Flight Plan. Apply the parking brake after you have parked at the destination airport.

Return to the Client, review your flight, and if it is at an acceptable standard, click the Exit button and watch the v$s roll in!

You can return to the FSA interface to view extended flight performance data.

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