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Preparing for your first flight

Download and instal the FSAirlines Tracking Client here.

Settings for the tracking client


  • Ok so if you followed the links and completed the sequence you should be a member of the virtual airline and have the flight tracker installed.
  • Open the tracking client then log in with the username you registerd with.
  • Then go to (options)
  • Tick Automatic login at Startup
  • Tick use (simple fueling method)
  • Tick (play sounds)
  • Set Flight Simulator interface to Automatic
  • Tick (flight monitor tracking) 
  • Tick display text in Flight Simulator.
  • Disable minor penalties is optional. Ticking this option means every flight will have a performance rating of 90% or less. This will affect your FSA pilot ranking but does cover some of the lessor penalties.
  • Disable autosave. FSA Client provides an option to recover a flight in certain circmstances e.g. pc system failure. It will not allow you to recover all flights.
  • Now go onto the website, log in and go to your profile
  • Then press (Edit profile)
  • Change (Unit of weight) to LBS, By default it is set to KG, you need it to be on pounds because you need to estimate your fuel and most of us use Feet/Pounds when flying.

Client setup is complete. These options can be edited at any time.

Things you need to know. user accounts:

You should only ever need a free account; however, you can purchase a gold account if you so desire. Gold accounts provide a little more data statistics and has no FSAirline advertising. All relevant data that may not be provided with your free account is posted on our own site in these pages.

Platinum memberships allow you to buy tickets to any listed airport with no cost to you v$s. A VA must have at least one active Platinum member.

 Things you can do:

  • Pause your flight for any amount of time
  • Circle the destination Airport for any amount of time

Things you cannot do:

  • Use slew
  • Refuel in flight. Fuel may only be added through the Tracking Client. The tracking client will fuel your plane in Flight simulator and load it as well. Do not change your fuel once your flight is active.

Choosing your first flight:

  1. Visit Fleet page at and view which Aircraft you wish to fly. Take note of its location and Aircraft type.
  2. Go to your Profile on FSAirlines (click My Account link top right). If you are not at the correct airport, buy yourself a ticket (top RH margin) to the location where the Aircraft is parked by typing in the required Airport code and press continue. You will be immediately put in that location (at a personal cost to your VIrtual money only).  You need to be in the same location as the Aircraft to continue.  
  3. Go to Book flight on FSAirlines and book your Aircraft to your destination of choice. Choose carefully because cancelling flights costs you virtual dollars.
  4. Load your Flight Sim at the parked location at a gate with parking brake on, then make a flight plan in Flight Simulator. 
  5. Work out your fuel needed.
  6. Open the tracking client, press fly and purchase fuel for your flight if needed.Press fly again  in the tracking client.
  7. In your sim, Taxi to the runway and take off. You should get details in flight simulator of your flight state, if you dont see somthing (taxi in progress) something is wrong with your fligh. Fly your aircraft to the destination and land.
  8. Taxi to the gate of the destination airport and apply your park brake.
  9. The park brake will end your flight. And you will get details on your flight within the tracking client.
  10. Maximise the tracking client and you will see it asking for a comment. Comments are optional.
  11. Then press Next.  It may take time to load this
  12. You will get basic statistics on your flight. Keep pressing the next button throught to the final page then press End flight or next.
  13. Your flight is finished, you can view your flight stats on the overview on FSairlines,and also on our site under the Flights page.
  14. Also do not exceed 30KTS when taxing.
  15. This is the Wiki instructions posted by

Please contact any of our Admin staff if you have any quesitons.